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SARiDATA means ‘the essence of data’ in the Malay language

SARIDATA fuels the data-driven decision-making for diverse enterprises worldwide. Our advanced analytics solutions empower organizations to harness more insights, enhance data value, and catalyze informed actions.

Our array of data experience services provides robust data management and analysis tools, seamless data integration and visualization, optimal data utilization strategies, and more – all crafted to propel your data’s worth. Our approaches have optimized data utility for numerous clients across various industries internationally.

About Our Founder

Dr. Ariffin: Pioneering Business Leader and Technologist. Key roles include Chief Architect at Yahoo Search (2013-2016), where he led the unit to generate over $5 billion in annual revenue, marking a 30% increase. With a career spanning almost a decade at Yahoo, he held several leadership roles across different units, including Yahoo Communications and Mergers & Acquisitions. Dr. Ariffin’s expertise lies in building digital revenue generation systems, leading diverse teams, and driving innovation for profitability.

Currently, he is the founder and strategist at Acquro Sdn. Bhd., offering strategic and technological advice to global companies. His client portfolio includes a pre-IPO American digital advertiser, a Malaysian merchant bank, and a Singaporean Sequoia-backed telco. His approach combines business savvy with technological innovation, fostering sustainable growth and revenue for his clients.

Additionally, Dr. Ariffin is an advisor to the International Islamic University Malaysia, a member of the Smart City Advisory Council in Melaka, and sits on the board of Onemarket, Inc. He holds a doctorate and master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of California, Irvine, and a bachelor’s degree from California State University, Northridge. A noted author and patent holder, he has significant contributions in major IEEE conferences.

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