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Locate people, an asset or a place within a building using only mobile data or Wifi. A versatile technology with multiple uses.


Track in real time where tourists actually go when they visit a new city and what they really spend on. Utilise this actionable data to study and understand travel behaviours, and to guide decision making on investments in infrastructure, marketing and much more.


An all-encompassing platform with easy-to-use searchable functions for all kinds of family friendly activities. Also an app to get information on relevant products and services. Whether if it’s for personal, family or work purposes, this platform engages a broad spectrum of people and is a one stop shop which enables seamless B2C and C2C connections.

Be ready to revolutionize the hidden asset in your organization.

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Our expertise includes big data, and platform and app development. Each solution is tailored to the problem at hand and by creating platform agnostic solutions, what you get is unparalleled flexibility and simplicity in results that make sense.

Copyright © 2019 SariData Sdn. Bhd. All rights reserved